About Us

Virtuoso Content creates high quality online marketing content to help attorneys showcase their firms and be more profitable. Founded by Yale University educated writer, Adam Kosloff, we do the creative heavy lifting so our clients can make better use of their time.

Virtuoso has served hundreds of happy clients and worked with lawyers in diverse practice areas, including bankruptcy, criminal defense, construction, employment, estate planning, family law, immigration, personal injury, probate, Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation.

Our vision is simple: to help everyone we work with:

  • For our clients, that means creating winning content that increases web traffic and generates new business.
  • For those who consume the content we produce, that means informing, educating and adding value to their lives.
  • For our writers, that means treating them well and giving them inspiring creative projects.

We’d love to learn more about you and your content projects and help you achieve your goals. Contact us to get started.

Who We Are

CEO and Founder – Adam Kosloff

After graduating Yale University, Adam moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career. While enjoying the opportunity to work with industry greats like Mel Brooks (Spaceballs: The Animated Series), Adam supplemented his income by writing for the web. What began as a “day job” blossomed into a full-scale business, and Adam soon fell in love with working with his clients to help their firms achieve their full potential. Adam’s eclectic career is bound by an unquenchable curiosity to see the world in new ways. He enjoys singing, playing chess and hiking and lives in sunny California with his wife, three children, and Milkshake the cat.


Virtuoso Writing Team

Our team of trained, creative writers is the backbone of our operation. We work hard to recruit people who understand the surprisingly nuanced art of writing for lawyers and who know how to take dry topics and infuse them with vitality. (Writer bios coming soon!)

Core Values and Purpose


Our purpose is to discover, create and spread insights that add value to people’s lives.


Relentlessness: We love obstacles, because obstacles are where we leave our competition behind. We’re all about hard work and resilience.

Integrity: We operate as an authentic, ethical, positive force in the world.

Insightfulness: We find, create and share “a-ha!” moments. We’re constantly looking for new ways to view old problems.

Fun: Life is short. Let’s have fun while we’re here!

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