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Why Write a Newsletter?

Experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that “the money is in the list.” This cryptic statement means that your list of clients and prospects is a valuable business asset that must be cultivated and cared for. You need to stay in communication with people to keep your firm top-of-mind and drive business via repeat buying and referrals.

A newsletter lets you connect with those on your list in an automated, predetermined way. The process saves you time, lets you measure what works and put out special offers, and helps you grow the business in a controlled, predictable fashion.

Stacey Burke, a thought leader in the lawyer marketing space, articulated the value (and the pitfalls) of newsletters nicely: “An e-newsletter can spur viral content sharing and position you as a thought-leader, attracting new clients and referral attorneys. However, a bad email newsletter can be an annoyance to your clients and contacts, and even worse, create a negative image among prospective clients and cause email providers to rate you as spam… The most successful e-newsletters share news the reader can use. Well-read lawyer e-newsletters are concise and focus on useful information in simpler form, not academic reflections only applicable to or consumable by lawyers who specialize in the issue.”

Why Work with Us

We write newsletters and emails that people read and enjoy. Our ability to create fun, shareable newsletters puts us in a rare category. Take a look at these open rates – which of course can’t be guaranteed but which do demonstrate that we have the chops to get people to read what we write.

For comparison, MailChimp found the average open rate for attorney newsletters to be under 23%.

We keep it interesting. We get creative in ways that are meaningful and useful to our audiences. We give people reasons to open your messages and peak inside. We tell them things that they don’t already know. Insights are our reason for existing, which is why this work is so effortless to us.

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